Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any entry fee?
There is no entry fee to enter the Arcade. The machines and Laser Maze require money and the Laserforce is payable each game.
When are you open?
We are open daily and times depend on the time of year. Please see our Opening Times page.
Is there a minimum and maximum age for Laserforce?
The minimum age for Laserforce is 6 years old. This is due to the size of the vest and understanding the game. There is no maximum age – we encourage everyone to take part!
What is the difference between Laserforce and Laser Maze?
Laserforce is a game for 2-20 people wearing vests and playing inside an arena with laser guns. Laser Maze is a small mission impossible style room.
Are dogs allowed in the arcade?
Yes, dogs are allowed within the arcade as long as they are on a lead and any mess cleaned up.