How To Play


Laserforce offers you the ultimate laser tag game. Using our new laser tag packs (brand new in March 2016), you try to score points by shooting your opponents. You can deactivate other players for a short time and you can even earn extra points by deactivating the bases inside the arena as well as the ipad beacons and our Warbot (be careful as he does shoot back!!)

The game is played in our huge labyrinth with ramps, bridges and pit area, With special effect lighting, great music and eerie fog all creating an exciting atmosphere, adding to the overall game experience.

Suitable for players ages 6 up we are a family friendly venue. Situated inside Ocean Beach Pleasure Park in South Shields, we offer Children or Adults Birthday Parties or just a fun day out and Private Hire.

When you arrive

Once deciding how many games you wish to play, register for your own Membership Card which will store all your games, points, achievements and help you level up.

In the briefing room

Your mission begins in here. A staff member will explain how to play the game, use your gun, score points and a few rules to follow. You will then be vested up, scan your Membership Card and you are ready for battle. REMEMBER: If you are unsure of anything, just ask!

In the arena

You enter the arena. Once everyone is in it’s GAME ON!! Shoot your opponents, capture the 3 targets, claim rewards from the ipad beacons and attempt to get the Warbot on your side …. Oh and avoid getting shot with lots of places to hide!

Game Over! Game Over

A voice over will say ‘Game over, please return to the armoury’ where a member of staff will be waiting to help you remove your pack. Head back to reception to see your scores on the screen.


The scoreboard is real time so anyone not participating in the game can see how the players are doing.
Each scoreboard shows the players, their score, hit accuracy and any targets and achievements they have achieved.

Now you have finished playing, why not sit and have a drink, or play on the arcade machines or football table? Or, if you haven’t burnt off all your energy, you could go in for another game!