Opening Times

Quasar and Sands Amusements are currently open weekdays from 12noon-6pm, weekends 11am-7pm (approx).

Laserforce is now open with group size limits and revised game times.

Following guidelines we can only accept a maximum of 10 players from up to 2 households.

Games were previously 15 minutes each however these have now been amended to 30 and 60 minute sessions.

*Players will be asked to arrive 5 minutes before their session time
*The lead person will be asked to fill out their information for Track & Trace
*All players must use the hand sanitiser provided once entering the Briefing Room
*1 member of staff will be allocated to your session, they will brief you on the game play, rules etc and start your game
*Players will be requested to put on and remove their own packs and assist each other

Packs (vests & guns) will be sanitised after each use as well as the seating area and touch points within the Briefing Room and Arena.

Staff will be wearing face masks, however players are welcome to wear them but this is not mandatory

September 7 - 13

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 712noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Tue 812noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Wed 912noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Thu 1012noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Fri 1112noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Sat 1211am-7pm11am-7pm
Sun 1311am-7pm11am-7pm

September 14 - 20

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 1412noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Tue 1512noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Wed 1612noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Thu 1712noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Fri 1812noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Sat 1911am-7pm11am-7pm
Sun 2011am-7pm11am-7pm

September 21 - 27

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 2112noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Tue 2212noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Wed 2312noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Thu 2412noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Fri 2512noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Sat 2711am-7pm11am-7pm
Sun 2811am-7pm11am-7pm

September 28 - October 4

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 2812noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Tue 2912noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Wed 3012noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Thu 112noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Fri 212noon-Late*12noon-6pm
Sat 311am-7pm11am-7pm
Sun 411am-7pm11am-7pm

October 5 - 11

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 512noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Tue 612noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Wed 712noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Thu 812noon-6pm12noon-6pm
Fri 912noon-Late*12noon-6pm
Sat 1011am-7pm11am-7pm
Sun 1111am-7pm11am-7pm