Opening Times

Please find below opening times for Quasar and Sands Amusements

Closing time for Quasar is between 6-7pm depending on weather and customer levels, however we are able to accept pre-booked games/parties from 6pm*
Pre-booking is advised at all times – 0191 455 3885

£20 deposit is required for large group bookings (10+) games only

*Later games can be accommodated, however these must be pre-booked and pre-paid before the day

Should you need/require an earlier session, please give us a call to discuss

December 16 - 22
DateDayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
December 16Monday1pm-7pmclosed
December 17Tuesday1pm-7pmclosed
December 18Wednesday1pm-7pmclosed
December 19Thursday1pm-7pmclosed
December 20Friday12noon-7pm12noon-5pm
December 21Saturday11am-7pm12noon-5pm
December 22Sunday11am-7pm12noon-5pm

December 23 - 29
DateDayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
December 23Monday11am-7pm11am-5pm
December 24Tuesday11am-4pm11am-4pm
December 25WednesdayCLOSEDCLOSED
December 26ThursdayCLOSEDCLOSED
December 27Friday11am-7pm11am-5pm
December 28Saturday11am-7pm11am-5pm
December 29Sunday11am-7pm11am-5pm

December 30 - January 5
DateDayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
December 30Monday11am-7pm11am-5pm
December 31Tuesday11am-4pm11am-4pm
January 1Wednesday12noon-5pm12noon-5pm
January 2Thursday11am-7pm11am-5pm
January 3Friday11am-7pm11am-5pm
January 4Saturday11am-7pm11am-5pm
January 5Sunday11am-7pm11am-5pm