Opening Times

Quasar and Sands Amusements are open daily from 11am-6pm* Mon-Thu, Fridays 11am-8pm* and Weekends 10am-8pm* – *All closing times approx

Customers are encouraged to;
*Observe Social Distancing with other customers
*Not allow children to run around the arcade and climb over machines/rides
*Stand back if a member of staff is required to assist you/fix a machine

The Laserforce Arena is now open and we are able to accept up to 18 players in a game session. Pre-booking is advised however we do accept walk-ins. Sessions are started on the hour and consist of a full briefing and 50 minute game.

We have a Party Room available for use. This is free is you require the food to be supplied by ourselves or you can bring your own food and pay a hire charge of £10.

*Players will be asked to arrive 5 minutes before their session time
*All players are encouraged to use the hand sanitiser provided once entering the Briefing Room
*1 member of staff will be allocated to your session, they will brief you on the game play, rules, etc and start your game
*Players will be requested to put on and remove their own packs and assist each other

Packs (vests & guns) are cleaned regularly as well as the seating area and touchpoints within the Briefing Room and Arena.

13 - 19 September

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 1311am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 1411am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 1511am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 1611am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 1711am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 1810am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 1910am-8pm10am-8pm

20 - 26 September

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 2011am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 2111am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 2211am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 2311am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 2411am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 2510am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 2610am-8pm10am-8pm

27 September - 3 October

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 2711am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 2811am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 2911am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 3011am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 111am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 210am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 310am-8pm10am-8pm

4 - 10 October

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 411am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 511am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 611am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 711am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 811am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 910am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 1010am-8pm10am-8pm

11 - 17 October

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 1111am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 1211am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 1311am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 1411am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 1511am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 1610am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 1710am-8pm10am-8pm

18 - 24 October

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 1811am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 1911am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 2011am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 2111am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 2211am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 2310am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 2410am-8pm10am-8pm

25 - 31 October

DayQuasar AmusementsSands Amusements
Mon 2511am-6pm11am-6pm
Tue 2611am-6pm11am-6pm
Wed 2711am-6pm11am-6pm
Thu 2811am-6pm11am-8pm
Fri 2911am-8pm11am-8pm
Sat 3010am-8pm10am-8pm
Sun 3110am-8pm10am-8pm